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Reset vs saving contacts

My phone has been acting up! The battery started discharging within 3 hours, when I usually could get 36 hours out of it; I can't have access to the Google Play Store so I can't download or update any app, it takes 8 hours to send or receive a text message... I have been advised to do a reset before trying anything else, so before I go ahead, if I save all my contacts to my SIM card, will I be able to retrieve this info once the reset has occurred? I have a Samsung Galaxy 4 mini.

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Did you do a updated your software if not this probably the reason do hard ware reset by holding power button down volume up in the same click on datea wipe
restore your phone I hope this have grate day plsese p.s. please be sure you up load to SD card or Google account butter save time on your computer or Sim card but easy way Google account
Will Samsung has lot of errors not acceptable how ever do to the software call Samsung 1800SAMSUNG THIS NUMBER GO'S straight to thim I hope this works IF NOT call koodo asking to speak to technical dept make sure you are not the phone you may have DELATE the program requires install if this dose not help sed in to koodo let thim take look at thay may brush people off just demand to be fix thay should fix okay
Sim card has limited memory around 260 name and numbers only you will loose other data if you have more numbers. Your best shot is to select all contacts and take their backup to your Google account see the link for that http://youtu.be/bkqSl9KwYKM Than reset your phone