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Replacement Phone (Same Make, Model) Does Not Read Old SIM

I recently received a replacement phone (same make and model) for a phone that was damaged. I assumed that transferring my old SIM card to my new phone would be hassle-free.  It hasn't been as none of my personal information or files have been transferred.  Am I doing something wrong?

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Your SIM does not contain any personal information or files. It only allows connection of your phone to the Koodo network. Your files would be contained in any backups you made, or in the Google Cloud.
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Unless you saved contacts to your Sim card, it would be as David says. Sim cards don't have the capacity for anything else really.
Oh, I misunderstood then. The fact that I'm on the network right now means that my SIM card is fine.  I'll have to look for my photos and contacts in my Google account...
Thanks so much for your speedy reply!