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replacement phone

Do you have a replacement plan for a phone that was accidently dropped and the screen shattered. My purse was knocked out of my hands causing my phone to fall to the pavement and shattering.

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Unfortunately, regardless of how it happened, a shattered screen is considered physical damage and isn't covered order a warranty. You could ask koodo to facilitate a repair but you'd pay the costs which could be as much as just buying a new phone. During this time you can pay a 150$ deposit for a loaner phone. When your phone is repaired you'd get that back. Tbh you're better off just buying a new phone.
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Oh no, I'm so sorry Lorraine! Koodo doesn't offer any program for that, unfortunately, but perhaps you can have a peek at the refurbished section and pick up a new phone for less... it's not much of a comfort, I know but it might help you some. What sort of phone would you be looking at?