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Replacement of some sort. PLEASE

  • 12 January 2016
  • 2 replies

I have an LG G3, and it has just caused problems. Can't go a single day without wanting to huck it at a wall. It constantly restarts, says that there is an update, and won't update. The messaging app crashes, or never works and freezes. Well, almost all apps crash. I am sick of this phone. I don't know how to go about replacing it. I still have a lot to pay on my tab. Am I stuck with this crap phone till the tab is paid? or can I swap it for something that actually works? 

2 replies

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That is not normal behaviour for a LG G3.
The 1st thing you should do is backup your data and then do a Factory reset.   This may resolve any issues your phone has.
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Hi Jessica,

If you have bought it within the last 15 days, you are able to go back to the kiosk you bought the phone at and exchange them from another phone. 

If you have past the 15 days, you can try to send the phone out for repairs, as long as there is no water damage or sign of physical damage, any repairs would fall under manufacturer's warranty. 

You can also try to sell your phone on Kijiji, and buy a new one with the funds without using the tab to keep the account the way it currently is.