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Replacement of Saumsung Galaxy Ace II phones (GT-S7560M). Please offer owners of this phones to switch it for free for a new Samsung SIII.

The Samsung GT-S7560M is a very bad phone, with lots of "glitches", repeated malfunctions, freezes, closes on its own, lags, and lots more, which causes a lot of frustrations to owners who are stuck with it or locked in a contract and can't change it. My idea is that you offer owners of this phone (Koodo and other clients) to switch it for free, pay the penalty if any and invite clients from other company to join into Koodo, offering them a new Samsung SIII. I think this would make a lot of people happy and attract new clients to Koodo!

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Koodo is not going to replace a $150 low end phone with a free $300 flagshio device, no matter how nicely you ask. Keep dreaming.