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Remove default APN from samsung core lte

I bought two Samsung Core LTE phones for my kids for Christmas. They are on text & talk only plans (ie. no data) but it includes MMS which requires data. The default entry in the APN settings is set to allow access to the Internet and MMS. Since data needs to be on for MMS, I would like to remove the default APN entry and replace it with one that only allows MMS access when data is on to avoid data charges. I have tried adding a new APN which allows only MMS but the phone always seems to switch back to the default Koodo entry. I have also tried adding an APN for internet that directs to a nonexistent server. Again the phone will allow me to select it, but it will ignore the selection when I exit the settings and revert back to the default Koodo entry that provides internet access. I realize this is a revenue generator for Koodo but I don't want to have additional data charges for services I do not want those phones accessing. Thanks!

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You may have seen this older guide already, but thanks to the original posters. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/change_apn_to_disable_internet_while_enabling_mms_on_samsung_ace_2 May be spinning our wheels on grey screens.
Thanks Bob for providing that link.. It sounds almost identical to what I already tried BUT I will try again following those steps tomorrow and see what happens...perhaps I missed a step as the phone kept reverting back to the original (locked) entry. Definitely worth another try. Thanks again much appreciated
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There are some software areas that only the service providers have access to, apparently locked into which SIM is in the phone. Past winter I used my unlocked Koodo phone with a US carrier and had to re-organize APN values to get their data going. When the US SIM was inserted, the Koodo files were no longer on the phone, just the current carrier's, but none of them were greyed out (impossible to edit). Coming back home, it took a few reboots of the phone with the Koodo SIM for the phone to successfully undergo the "personality" transplant. Koodo data followed, but it took a few tries. Good luck.