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Removable and non-removable batteries

  • 18 July 2015
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Hello Koodo Community,

I'm sort of wary of phones with non-removable batteries. On occasion, my older smartphone (LG Optimus) would freeze and the power button would not be able to restart it. The only solution would be to remove the battery.

To me, it makes sense to prefer a phone with removable batteries. However, in 2015, removable batteries seem to be the exception rather than the rule.  

I'm sure freezing phones are still a problem... however, will the power button actually work in this case to restart the phone? Is my concern even relevant in this day and age?

Thanks for your input,


4 replies

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In most cases you have to press TWO buttons simultaneously to reset the phone in the same manner as removing the battery on the phones you are used to using. 
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Motto G is first phone I owned, without removable battery. To date I've never had any problems. Prior to Motto G I had a S2x that froze. Would not turn off, dial or anything else. Taking battery out and reinstalling did nothing. Koodo gave me a loaner and shipped it out. It came back, working well ever since and became my wife's phone. I suppose it can go either way, but either way has worked well for me, because of Koodo's Customer Service.
Most phones have removable batteries (just ignore the ones who do not)

Also remember a phone with a built in battery will die quicker than one where you can buy a replacement for

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Most phones have removable batteries (just ignore the ones who do not)

Also remember a phone wit...
If by "most" you mean more mid range and entry level Nokias, Samsungs, HTCs, and LGs, then sure. If you're talking about flagship/premium devices so far in 2015, then so far the G4 is the only one who's keeping it around.