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Registering with old phone

I would like to drop my plan with bell in which I am paying 84$ a month for 175local unlim text and 1 gig data with call display. I was just recently hit with 74$ for going a couple minutes over my voice plan.
I saw some of the plans on here and wanted to switch, heard it was okay over here.
Unfortunately I don't have a voice, literally I am working over a horrendous cold which resulted in my voice not working temporarily hopefully. Can I register with my phone online or will I have to go in and get that sorted? And show them flash cards of what I would like to do.

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Hello Ryan.

Very sorry to hear that you lost your voice. Hope you're going to heal soon. Do you want to port your number over?
I Would like to switch. I would like to aim for an appropriate package that isn't hidden by "first 4 months at this price but after that its full price".
Would I have to withdraw from bell and give my number to you guys to port into your system?
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Hi Ryan,

You can find all the details to bring your number over here http://koo.do/Oqrfk9 .

If you have more questions, feel free to ask ! 
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BTW koodo doesn't pull that introduction price crap. Your plan is your plan until you change it.