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The reason I switched to Koodo (from Fido) is because refurbished phones were available. I think you could market refurbished phones to environmentally/politically conscious folks since there are less resources used in refurbishing than in creating new. People who are aware of the challenges of Coltan mining would also be interested in this.  Also, there are not many other cell companies that offer refurbished phones, so it could be marketed as a unique Koodo option. Since the refurbished phones are less expensive than new, it could be like a 'save money and feel good doing it' kind of marketing. Some people want the latest model of phone, so they could get an incentive for trading in their old one. Other people don't care for the latest model, they just want something inexpensive and reliable, and having a 'feel good' aspect to their purchase is a bonus. It wouldn't appeal to an enormous percentage of consumers, but making environmentally conscious consumer decisions is becoming more common and more trendy. People who might currently be ordering their phones from overseas could switch to buying their phone [i]and getting their plan from you if you made refurbished phones easily available .

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