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Refer A Friend - Verifying Account

So I referred my friend to Koodo over a month ago (Oct 4), after countless phone calls and emails back and forth we are not seeing our credit at all and we constantly get told to wait over and over again. I feel satisfied with our service while the refer a frd program has been quite bizzarre. Can Koodo help me with this? plz. 

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Try clicking on My friend referred me and then Check Status

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The delay could also be due to the Terms and conditions that require the referred account to be active for 90 days first
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Hey Declan - we've experienced a backlog of submissions in the current promotional period. The team is working through the pending submissions and hope to have everything cleared by the end of this week. As Dennis suggested above, you can check on the status of your referral through the link provided. If you haven't received an email saying your request was denied and if the status still shows pending validation, then the delay is just due to the back-log. Thanks for your patience. Also, please note that the typical turn-around is 4-6 weeks for credits to be applied.
Mine takes  just over 6 weeks. now
it comes.
I sent gord to get a phone