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Refer-a-Friend program

Hi guys
It is about Refer-a-Friend program terms.
  1. Your referrals need to enter their name and email address into the referral system before activating.
  2. Your referrals then buy and activate a phone or SIM card. 
  3. After activation, your referrals need to go to the referral system and enter their new Koodo phone number.
A friend of mine forgot to enter his name and email into the referral system before activating his phone. After activating his new sim card, he realized to miss it and then entered his name and email into the referral system at the same day. Also he entered his new number into the referral system.
Can my friend and I still get $50 bill credit? It was just mistake.

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@ Kangmin, we'll look at your account and we'll confirm what we can do. Just a heads, if your friend activated prior to the 21st of Sept the referral bonus is $25. 
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Hi Kangmin - are you able to provide some more information about this? Are you making the referral (inviting a friend), or claiming the referral from a friend that referred you? I see that you're registered in the system, and have a referral submission from Dennis that's pending account validation - this was submitted on Friday Sept. 23. Is this the referral in question, or a separate one?
Oh Thank you for your answer.
I simply wanted to get "Yes or No" answer for my question but you have checked on detail 🙂
Actually, the person who made mistake was me, so Dennis invited me and I accepted it late.
Sorry for making you be confused.
In this case, we can still get $50 credit?
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Hi Kangmin - the request is currently under review for validation. Credits typically get applied to the accounts within 30 days of submission, once approved.

Looking at your account I see that you've been with Koodo since 2013.. did you open a new line on the same account for the referral credit? I see that there was a phone number change after the referral submission, but not a new line.