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hi. I just got my new bill and got 3 reconnection fees of 35.00, how in the world can I get 3 in a one month period and I talked to a representative who said it was due to promise to pay but it was cut before a promise to pay which I explained I would be in when I could be due to my daughter being hit by a car. I just paid off the full amount and get my bill today saying I have all these charges. this is ridiculous! and I know others with you guys who never received these charges even when there phone was disconnected. I'm appalled at this. I will not be recommending you guys ever again. I have been recommending you for years and have even gotten you costumers and this is how you treat your costumers? sad!

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Hey Amanda. Just take a deep breathe and when you have the time, call Koodo at *611 from your Koodo phone and speak with a rep. If it is indeed a mistake, you will be credited.
I have already talked to one has mentioned in my message 😞
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Amanda Oram wrote:

I have already talked to one has mentioned in my message :(

Was your service cut off and reactivated three separate times? Sorry some of your wording is confusing in your original post. This is the only reason I could see why they charged you 3 times