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Reception Problem

Hello, I am currently having reception problem.
My phone is Galaxy S5 and I am from Calgary.

I signed up a 1GB data plan since April and have been getting max reception anywhere I go within the city including indoors.

Recently, I notice I am only getting 2 bars of reception max anywhere I go including indoors.
The only exception was when I went to work, I got max reception for some reason. Once I leave the area where I work, it drop back down to 2 bars.

I want to know what is the problem.

Can it be some damaged reception tower or something else???????

Please help.

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First step would be to shut the phone down, pull the SIM card out for a few minutes, as well as the battery if that model of phone permits, then reassemble and re-boot.

i agree with bobtheelectrician but if that doesn't work your sim card maybe scratched
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Hello Samuel, 

Has Bob's advice helped? Keep us posted!
You can also call from a different phone to koodo customer care and request them to reset your network for you, in that case you would need to take out your sim and battery to refresh it. Then make sure in settings -> mobile networks-> is selected as GSM/HSPA/LTE. If not, a new sim card usually solves the issue!