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Hello Recently,I have issue with Antena and Wi-Fi connection,it has a delay or not even connect,I pay a lot for un limited plan , but what's point of that?!! I just wondering to know is something changes happens with Antena?os there any hope to getting better or not?

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There is no unlimited data plan. Having an unlimited plan, whether its minutes or data has no effect on having WiFi issues. In regards to the "antena" issue, could you be more specific? What's the exactly problem? Also what's the problem with WiFi? You need to give us detailed information otherwise we won't be able to help you
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I'm not sure that I follow your question. Please clarify:

1. What are you having trouble connecting to: cellular network or WiFi?
2. If cellular, are you having trouble with texts, calls, or data?
3. If WiFi, does it happen everywhere or only with certain networks.
4. What phone are you using? Please include both make and model (i.e. Samsung Galaxy S5 or LG G4).

Thanks for your respond, I do have Samsung Galaxy S4, and My Issue is about using Wi-Fi and Data. for example when I am home, I using  home  WiFi, but when I leave home and form example I would like to check buss scheduled , it takes a long time to loading and same issue with different apps as well,plus in many area of city that I travel it is so slow to access to my Data or Wi-Fi .
I am looking for your respond.
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Is your phone faster when on wi-fi? Or is it always slow? Have you had the phone for a long time? Pre Galaxy S6 phones have a tendency to slow down over time to the point of being difficult to use. If it's only slow when on cellular network, then it could be a reception issue.