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Recently upgraded from Samsung to LG>>I HATE IT! Was to have Data added; NOT but chg'd $32 more; chg it twice a day. Gets really hot to hold

Recently up-graded from Samsung to LG>>I HATE IT!! Supposed to have Data added..NOT but being chg'd $32 more; have to chg it at least twice a day even when not using it! Phone gets really warm/hot..sometimes can't even hold on to iit!!

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how long ago did you get he phone? can you not return it?
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Hi Lorna,

Sounds like there could be a defect with your current phone. I would try doing a factory restore of it and if nothing gets better, then bring it into a Koodo store to send it out for warrantly work.
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As far as the data is concerned, did you perhaps have a block on your account to avoid unwanted charges previously? Take a look at some steps to get your data going: