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Recent data connectivity issues

For the last 3 days there has been data connectivity issues within Schomberg ONT. I have called tech support and a reset has been made but problem still occurs. Co workers of mine have always been jealous of my constant 4g and often times LTE connection, but this hasnt been true these past few days. Any ideas what causes this? Device is LG G4. Thanks in advance!!!

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Have you done the whole phone reset, pull out Sim card wait to minute put it back in thing? Is this anywhere you go? Only in certain locations? It could be your Sim card. See about putting your card in another phone to see if the problem follows. Any Telus or Koodo phone if mot Unlocked. Alternatively you could go to to Koodo store store probably Telus as well and see about putting in the different Sim card and yours in a different phone. Let us know from there if anything happens. Do you know if other koodo/telus customers are having similar issues?
Problem only occurs in this area. Sim card has been removed several times and still has issue, but only in that area. There has never been a problem with my service or any of the 3 phones ive had. Also people with koodo telus bell and the red guys have had problems these past few days. Calls and text work no problem.
I can confirm this issue as well. My wife and I both are Koodo customers who live in Schomberg and its seems like there is an issue period with both data and cellular transmissions. Its almost as if a tower isn't there anymore and your trying to connect to one further away. Crazy cause we've always had great reception. We had Rogers but their reception up here is crap since they don't have a nearby tower. Its acting as if we were back with Rogers. 
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In that case then it's all pointing to a network issue and theres not much to do aside from letting Koodo know about it. Telus has a network feedback app but Koodo doesn't have one atm but at the en of the day it's out of all our hands as it appears to be a technical thing. So long as to do your due diligence by calling about I and opening a ticket, that's about it.
put a call into tech support.. They are escalating the ticket further up the flag pole as they've tried a network update and the usual run of the mill pull the SIM and restart stuff to no avail. So there actually might be a transmission issue in our area. I'll let ya know how it progresses.

Replying in the area currently with LTE speeds 🙂
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Bradley wrote:

Replying in the area currently with LTE speeds :)

Good to hear! Let us know if you have any other issues.
I've been having the same issues the past few days with my phone as well. I'm from Ottawa Ontario and my service will just cut out for no reason. Texts will not send and iMessage is being sent over wifi using my iTunes email. I have reset my phone. I have adjusted the SIM card multiple times and I have reset my network settings, yet the problem is still occurring. Extremely frustrating paying $80 a month for a phone with no service