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Receiving MMS msgs exactly 1 hour late since time change for daylight savings

  • 11 November 2014
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ever since the clocks went back for daylight savings i have been receiving MMS msgs (pics) exactly one hour after the person sends it to me. I have a samsung s4 mini and the time automatically updated. what can i do to ensure that i receive the messages when they are sent and not an hour later?

11 replies

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I recommend thus; 1. Turn off your S4 2. Remove the battery 3. Remove the SIM Card 4. Polish the SIM card's contacts with your thumb (the oil on your skin should be enough) 4. Place sim card back into your phone 5. Place battery back into your phone 6. Turn on your phone 7. Verify that you are connected properly to the network with a 3G/4G/LTE/HSPA symbol at the top 8. Verify that your phone goes to the correct time ON ITS OWN If not, come back and let me know!
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Hi Renee, What troubleshooting steps have you tried to get the picture messaging working? If you haven't tried it already, take the battery and sim card out of your phone for about 30 seconds then put them back in. Then have the person send you a picture and see if you receive it right away. Hope that helps
ok so I've taken out the battery and sim for about 30 seconds and replaced them however the issue now is that when my friend sent me a pic i received it immediately after she sent it but when it came in on my phone it says that it was sent an hour earlier so it opens up higher in the convo which means having to scroll through the messages to try and find it
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The next thing I'd check is in settings go down to Date & Time and check to see if everything looks similar to this:

I'm having the same issue. I have to scroll up through the conversation to see the pic anyone sends me. The time on the pic shows exactly an hour earlier. My Samsung Galaxy s4 has been doing this since daylight savings time.
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Were you able to follow the instructions above? Does the issue persist?
I did all of the above, no luck.
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Hmm... the only thing I could think of beyond that is a software reset. Is the software on your phone up to date?
It is, and the phone is only a couple of months old.
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Well, either way I would back her up on your computer. Then it's your choice: 1. Reset your software, see if issue is resolved, and/or 2. Head into the store for warranty service. Fully thought the other options would work.
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Hi Melissa, I'd try what Not Jeff has suggested. Couldn't have said it any better myself. If you have to back up your phone be sure to have Samsung Kies installed on your computer to help get your information backed up before performing the factory reset. Hope that helps!