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Really distressed by Koodo's lack of empathy and professionalism

So I have this $30 plan with Koodo. In the month of Feb my bill came to $184. I raised a dispute with Koodo and asked them to tell me why I have so much charges for Data and Voice. This is my secondary phone and I hardly use it. If I somehow got into roaming zone and got all these charges, I need to know so I can avoid this in the future. And if this is an error, it should be resolved.

I asked them to get back to me and then I will settle the bill. I have been a Koodo customer for almost 2.5 years now and have never been late with my payments.

No one got back to me from Koodo and I called back again in the month of March. Then in April, I see a delinquency report on my credit profile from Koodo. Really! Koodo didn't get back to me and then filed a report that I have been delinquent on my payments!??

And this happened the day I talked with a Koodo representative again about my situation and said if this cannot be resolved in time, I will pay up and close my number. i cannot be a consumer in dark and still keep Koodo's service. This is nothing short of financial harassment. when I tell you I will close the service, you screw up my credit.

I have a few questions
  1. Why was my dispute not resolved in time
  2. Why was a delinquency report filed when I have been a regular paying customer and did not pay for a reason that Koodo could not resolve!
  3. Why during my conversations with Koodo reps I was not informed that unless I pay I will have consequences - no matter I don't agree with my bill
  4. Why did credit dept from Koodo or anybody else not give me a call/ text/ email before filing the delinquency report with credit agencies. I could have settled my bill and continue the conversation on the bill amount which could have been settled later.
  5. How can you ding someone's credit report without proper communication and an attempt to get the bill paid - I had a similar issue with Rogers once - they politely asked me to pay to avoid any such incident and later settled the dispute I had. It was well informed and in my best interest as a customer - not in Roger's selfish interests.
And when I called and talked to the credit guys at Koodo - they said billing and credit are separate dept and they can do nothing about this. Further, I was told it was not necessary for them to contact me becasue I have access to my bills and timelines online. Rude and Selfish!!!

I am really frustrated by this behavior and dealing of Koodo. I will be raising a dispute with credit agencies on this. And I will discontinue to be a Koodo customer and will ensure everyone I know does the same. Really pathetic. 

Hope others take a cue from this and stop their business with Koodo altogether.

One more suggestion - When someone posts something its not always a 'Question/ Idea or Praise'  - it can be a post to expose your selfish practices. Please have an option of 'Complaint' in your online community post form.

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Hi Kshitiz,

Please note that in no way, this is a reflection of the customer service we stand for. We do understand your frustration and will do what we can to assist. Could you please tell us when exactly you called the Customer Service regarding your Feb invoice. If you do not remember, please send us a secured email (http://koo.do/11eMLdy) and we will look into this. Just make sure to login to your Self-Serve account and to select "Social Media" on the form and we will assist you.

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Nabil wrote:

Hi Kshitiz,

Please note that in no way, this is a reflection of the customer service we stand fo...

Also, it may be frustrating to hear Nabil's response after everything, but this is a public forum. Most of us are volunteers and nobody here has access to your account details. That's why you're being directed to email instead. I hope your issue gets resolved quickly.