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RCS is coming, but when

  • 9 September 2019
  • 3 replies

Back in July, Mobile Syrup reported that some Koodo/Telus user had a brief glimpse of RCS on their devices ( h )ttps://mobilesyrup.com/2019/07/02/google-rcs-telus-koodo/ )
That was more than 2 months ago. haven't heard anything since... If they are working on it, could they provide an ETA for the rollout? It shouldn't be so hard if Bell, Rogers and Fido have it out since almost 2 years

3 replies

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The pixel devices I believe are the only official ones as of right now but I've heard of others who have recieved it on different phones as well.
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I have received something on my S10+ but I'm not sure that's it. How would I go for checking?
Tried to get it on my Samsung A8 and get the option in the messages app from google i turn it on but then when i come back its gone...