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Randomly dropping connectivity?

I am having some issues with my phone randomly being unable to connect, or just dropping connectivity. It is not a common occurrence, sometimes it happens once a month, sometimes a couple times a week, very inconsistently.

Basically, I need to reboot/restart the phone when it happens and it recovers its connection. It can connect to Wifi just fine, and has no issues with Wifi, it is the 4g it loses.

I have tried 2 phones, and 2 Sim cards, and the issue happens with both phones (Moto G and S3)

I have talked to a few cell shops and they tried to troubleshoot a bit, which led to the 2 Sim card test, but since the issue still occurs, they say it may be an account issue? What would cause this with my account? I do not have any outstanding charges, and pay the bill the same time each month in full.

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Since you have already tried in two phones with 2 different SIM cards, I would recommend maybe trying contact customer service using *611 from your Koodo phone. 
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I would use another phone to call Koodo 1-866-995-6636  / 647-788-4337.

Leave your cell free to do testing while you talk to the tech.