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Random text messages not getting receieved or sent

Hi everyone, so here is the story ...
September this year I switched from an iPhone to Samsung S7 - same number with a better plan.
Lately I have noticed some people not responding to my texts (after speaking to them in person) because they had not received them. 
Low and behold, I discovered I was also not receiving some of their messages.
I say some messages because a few message have gone through and seems to be in short bursts. 

Given I had iMessage previously I did de-registered from iMessage - and have re-deregistered a few times just to make sure.

I have informed my contacts to delete me in their phone and re-add a new contact with the same number.  Somehow this works momentarily, but is not a permanent solution.

I went to Koodo kiosk at the mall and received some very poor customer service - stating its imessage and that everyone I knew had to delete me and re-add me.  Told her I had done the above but said there was nothing she could do.

I am not sure what is going on, and noticed another thread with a Koodo rep checking their "back-end" and hopeful this is a solution for me!

Thank you in advance for ANY help.

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Making the switch quite often, I must say I névé had this experience so I don't know what to tell you more then to de-register the iPhone. You did all the solutions possible so I don't know what the next step would be...

Does it seem like the text has sen if you're looking in your self serve?
Thanks Robert - and yes confirmed sent messages.  I might just do a factory reset and see what happens.  Rather frustrating to say the least. Also re-confirmed for the n'th time iMessage is not registered with the phone number.  Love apple if you're on their platform - once you leave perhaps this is their way of taking vengeance on my betrayal.  
Reset my phone to factory settings a week ago - seems to have helped for now.  But wait! yesterday my sister was messaging me (who had been texting no problem after the reset) and I was not getting any of them - only after an email of her asking if I was ignoring her.  

What is happening Koodo! I dont get it. 

Is there a mobile genius out there who knows that is up?