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Raising the internal memory of Samsung Galaxy Ace II x, Is it possible?

Why is it that Koodo opted for a 2GB internal memory for their Samsung Galaxy Ace II x (GT-S7560M) phone whereas everyone else is supplying a 4GB version as per specs of Samsung Support site ? How does one raise the internal memory of said phone since 2GB is beginning to be a little tight ? As for an external SD memory (I am running a 8 GB card as recognized by this phone), it turns out to be somewhat useless if the phone doesn't permit transfer of apps to extSD card as per this error message : "The device does not have a real primary external storage or the primary external storage is emulated. Moving app to SD function cannot be supported by this device." Am I using the wrong app manager to do this... I've tried half a dozen up to now and keep getting the same "response". Which manager would you recommend. Thank you! §:c)

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I read last week something regarding this question on How to increase RAM of Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 X S7560M on this site, it could probably help you: http://www.androidnectar.com/how-to-increase-ram-of-samsung-galaxy-ace-2-x-s7560m/
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^ Whoa there MatB... looks like some advanced stuff. I guess if you're comfortable rooting your device and modifying the software/rewriting the memory on the phone, then you could follow that link, but it still won't provide the same benefits as upgrading your hardware. Was the internal memory a selling point for pickign up a device? Did the store rep do a full needs analysis before selling you the phone? The Ace II X is a dandy little entry-level smartphone for calls/texts/data, but it's not meant for serious storage/media use. The S II X has several times the internal memory and a faster dual-core processor so it performs better in all aspects. For the same price, the Nexus 4 even moreso with 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, and it runs a 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro, so it's very fast to boot.