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Questions regarding the Nexus 6p

Long time customer wanting to upgrade to the Nexus 6p.

First question:  When I purchase the Nexus from the online store here at Koodo, does it come unlocked like it would if I purchase it from google?

Second question: I have a positive tab balance from the old tab system, when I use up my tab, does my balance still stay the same or does the 4% on my bill get reduced to the original plan without the tab?

Thanks in advance

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He Nexus 6P does come unlocked. For your second question, could you clarify what 4% you mean? Your plan will stay the same. If there's an additonal discount for BYOB (the 10%), you will only lose that if you use more than your accumilated positive tab
Sorry, yeah I meant 15%.  So does the 15% tab get reduced and my plan price get lowered back to it's original price + the new $15 tab?

Also, thanks for the answer regarding the 6P.
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1. Previous Nexus...es? ii? - I'm not sure what the plural is - have been always unlocked regardless of source. I got my 6P upgrade from Rogers but I haven't been able to test another carrier SIM in it yet. I'm sure it will stay unlocked.
2. Depends on how much you're putting on the new Tab. Since you have extra positive Tab, that gets reduced from the retail amount, and then you use "negative" tab up to -360 for "regular" Tab plans or up to -500 for Tab Plus, but those require a Tab Plus plan along with it. That is divided by 24 months to calculate the Tab charge that gets added to your plan each month. You can keep the old plan or pick a new one.
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Jonathan I wrote:

1. Previous Nexus...es? ii? - I'm not sure what the plural is - have been always unlocked regardl...

Nexus 6 From many carriers actually did come locked to the carrier which is where the confusion might come from. Still don't understand why Google did that but glad they went back to being all unlocked this year with the Nexus 6P and 5x.