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questions - advantages for two phones on one account, best way to stay for the two phones to stay in contact on a cuba vacation?

question - we have two phones on our account, one for me and one for our minor son. Is there, in Koodo, a plan or addon that allows for unlimited text and calling between these two phones? and more importantly, what would you recommend we do or add on to stay in contact with each other by phone when we all go to cuba for a vacation?

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If both phones are on the same account they can call each other and text each other unlimited for no additional charge as long as you're in Canada. For Cuba this won't apply. You'll need to buy a roaming package for each line.
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It depends on how much you plan on using your phone. You could simply just use free wifi wherever available and use fb, whatsapp, viber to send messages and call for free as long as you're on wifi.