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Questions about Tab and purchasing a new device

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Hey Folks,
A few weeks before Christmas I bought a new device online and once I got it I didn't really like it so I sent it back! Koodo have the phone in their possession for about 5 days now according to my Canada Post tracking number,but my Tab charge remains on my account and I've actually been charged $15.00 on my new bill for the tab fee.
I tried to order the new Nexus 6P as I need a new phone badly and this is the one I want and can only purchase it from Koodo online. The problem I'm having is the Tab from purchasing the other phone is still active on my Koodo account. So,it says I have to pay it off first.
I know this Tab will eventually be removed when they GET AROUND TO IT but I'm wondering if I select pay off Tab balance through my koodo account will it then let me purchase the Nexus 6P?
(I don't mind the tab balance going onto my next bill because I know they'll have to remove it)
Anyone know if this will work? Thanks!

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Sorry I can't help.
But I can refer you to ask on Koodo's Twitter/Facebook page for faster support.
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Sounds like a billing issue requiring calling in for customer support if it has been accepted by Koodo for 5 days as per the tracking number.
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Or you can try send email them

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Yes applying your tab to your bill should allow you to purchase the 6P online on a tab again.