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Questions about my phone in Cuba

I am heading to Cuba and noticed Koodo offers an "outside of US" travelling plan. Is there anything I need to do to my phone after I've texted for the 30 day plan? Or is my phone ok to leave as is while in Cuba (meaning, should it be on Airplane mode, etc)? I only need to receive and send texts (in an Emergency). 

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The only steps involved are to enable roaming as a $0 add-on through self-serve, then texting or activating via self-serve the roaming plan (which you have already done). Texts will not work while on airplane mode. By default, most phones disable data roaming (just make sure it's disabled in settings). Don't take phone calls, and don't make any (good discipline) while roaming and you'll be good to go.
Bon voyage!
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Also a friendly reminder to not go over your data as roaming charges for data in cuba are $10/MB