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question on tab balance.

  • 29 April 2019
  • 4 replies

i would like to make a $100 payment towards my tab balance but cant see the option on self serve. from what i c it pay all of it off or to bad it stays like it is. if that's the way it goes ITS SUCKS.

4 replies

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The Tab is an interest-free loan. Why not put the $100 in an interest bearing account, and pay off your tab when the balance in your savings account exceeds your Tab?
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Or if you have debt with interest charged, you can use it towards that instead. That would be the most logical thing to do as well as the fastest way to get debt free.
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Hi canjamhard, I believe if you want to pay any extra amount early it has to be the full amount. When you check tab balance on your account it gives the option to pay it off, then the full amount will be on your next bill.