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Please convey is there any problem while updating moto 2G software in lolypop, it continuously pop message to update please help me

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If your asking is there any issues with lollipop then I'd say no if the update is being pushed to your device now. If it's just the pop up telling you that the new lollipop version of Android is available for download then just connect to a wifi and proceed to download and install the update by following the on screen instruction. Connect to wifi if possible first as Operating System updates are around 400mb. If neither of these answer your question can you please explain your question further.
K but please explain one thing while updating is there any problem one of my friend update the software of Samsung mobile he facing lot of issue yet
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Farhan Tabish wrote:

K but please explain one thing while updating is there any problem one of my friend update the s...

No Samsung devices have been sent the lollipop update yet so if he's running lollipop then it's an unofficial ROM which is very well be why he's having issues as many unofficial ROM's have many bugs / issues especially such early in their build life frame. You should have no issues as lollipop has had its early known bugs fixed before the update finally began to more devices than the Nexus line.
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No updates yet on any of my 1st. gen Moto G's. The Canadian site still mentions that the Moto G will be upgraded to the Android 5 Lollipop release "pending partner support". I'm in no rush to upgrade, but it would be interesting all the same to find out which version of Lollipop Motorola is pushing out to the Moto G; (be it 5.0, 5.0.1 or 5.0.2). Any word on that Farhan?
If it helpful to update lollipop,there will be no issue while updating this software
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Thank you, Farhan. What version of Android Lollipop did you receive? You can find the Android version in Settings > About device.