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Quebec Resident. Ontario number. Will I be able to get the Quebec plan pricing?

If I have a phone number outside of a province that gives a specific plan deal but I live in that province, will I be able to get that plan without changing my number? For example, if I live in Quebec, but have a Toronto number, will I be able to transfer to Koodo and get the Quebec plan without changing my number?

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Afraid not. Koodo will require you to change to a QC number
QC plans "require" a QC number. So you could easily get it if you were an ON resident with a QC number.

Since Koodo's website has a loophole, you can actually get it with any number. https://encrypted.google.com/search?q=koodo+qc+plan

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As I see you live in Quebec you will have access to that provinces plans. You  will not be able to change your phone number to an Ontario one though with QC plans.