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Push notifications not working for Facebook and Instagram on S4

I am not receiving push notification to my phone for Facebook or Instagram. I have checked the settings on both these apps and the notifications are turned on. I am receiving notification for other apps like twitter, Gmail, BBM etc. this problem is quite annoying as everything worked fine on my S3 which I just upgraded a couple of days ago

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First try restarting your device, if that doesn't work navigate to settings... Apps and clear the cache and data for each app that is affected . Restart the device Then run each app and relogin. If this continues, uninstall and reinstall the app after clearing its cache and data.
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Also make sure you didn't restrict background data for those apps, go to data usage in the settings menu - then scroll down to find the app that isn't sending notifications and tap on it - scroll down to the bottom and make sure restrict background data is unchecked.
Seems to be working now. Thanks for the advice!