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Purchasing New Phone Prepaid

I want to buy an LG G3 and am looking at phones on Kijiji. I want to keep my same prepaid plan. I hear you can buy an unlocked phone and just switch sim cards. But my question is can I buy a phone that is already locked to Telus or Koodo and keep the same prepaid service? Thanks

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Yes, but be careful
Ask the seller if he's willing to provide the IMEI before the sale so you can verify that the device hasn't been listed as lost or stolen, if it has, you won't be able to activate it.

If he's not willing then ask the seller to provide a screenshot of the database report with the imei blurred out except the last four digits showing the phone is legit make sure the phone the seller brings to the sale had the same last four of the imei.

My fellow master Ivan also points out it's a good idea to buy one that's been on the market a few weeks rather than one just listed. They're less likely to be stolen or lost if they are for sale for that long.

You can check an imei for free here: http://www.protectyourdata.ca/check-t...
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Maybe I'm a little paranoid, but meet the seller at a spot with wi-fi to make sure that side of things are cool.


Thanks. I appreciate the help