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purchased a nano sim card but it looks like it is micro sim size

changing from a moto g phone with micro sim card to an unlocked axon zte phone with nano sim card.  Went to the kiosk and purchased NANO sim cards......it looks like a micro card....do I punch out the perforated lines to make it smaller and that is the Nano card?  Do they sell the SIM cards like that so they are more universal depending on the size you need?  Or was I sold the wrong size card?  Just don't want to punch it out smaller and realize I have wrecked it.

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If there are two sizes, nano would be the smallest. You can keep the bigger one so you can still use it in your Moto G (both together, that is), if you wish.

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Yes, punch out the smaller one carefully and that becomes your SIM card. as stated above by Sophia, keep that outer piece to use as an "adapter"(of sorts) incase you need to switch back to your old phone. 
This is the NANO I bought in the above picture.  It looks to be the same size as the micro sim....but in the picture if you look close, you can see a perforated line inside the green and blue lines....should I punch this out to make it smaller??
Thanks Sophia and Chadwick.  That's what I was thinking but just wanted the reassurance 🙂