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Purchase phone registered with Telus already and using on Koodo.

Can I bring in a phone which was purchased with Telus to Koodo and use it with one of your plans even if it's not unlocked. This person is keeping his plan with Telus but changing to an Iphone and I would purchase the phone from him.

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The rule we normally use is try it and see if it works, sometimes they do and sometimes you need to unlock it. You can get the unlock code via ebay or any number of third party unlockers. The great news is that any phone that works on Telus will work on Koodo since Koodo is a child of Telus and they run on the same network.
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It depends on the phone. The iPhones (3gs+) can do this and some of the newer high end android ones might.
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Telus will unlock their phones for $35. It must be done by the original purchaser of the phone and after 90 days from purchase. http://mobility.telus.com/en/ON/Unlock-Device/unlocking_your_device.shtml