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I love koodo and been with them for years on a pre-paid Samsung Discovery I bought at Wal-Mart. The phone has seen better days, so I bought a used iPhone 4S off a friend. It was a Telus phone, so I put it on a Telus, month-to-month plan. After only a few weeks I already hate Telus and want to come back to Koodo. There are no koodo dealers in my area, not even at our local Telus location. Is there a way to put a pre-paid Koodo plan on my iPhone without having to visit a Koodo dealer.

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How long ago did you stop using Koodo? If the discover uses the same size Sim and it hasn't been too long since your last top up, it may be as simple as inserting the discovers Sim in the iPhone and topping up.
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The two SIM cards differ in size so you will have to order a new prepaid SIM card for your iPhone. The Samsung Discovery takes a mini-SIM, while the iPhone 4s takes a micro-SIM. You should be able to find Koodo prepaid SIM cards online at eBay or at participating retail partners like BestBuy, London Drugs, Pioneer (Petroleum) or Walmart. Both the iPhone 4 and 4s use the same micro-SIM card.

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