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Problems with my Samsung Galaxy S2X

So with my Samsung Galaxy S2X has been messing up all day, 1) When I text, and go to send it the message disappears. 2) It has the wrong time, right now it says December/31st/2012 3) When I took the battery out the box in the right top corner that is usually white is now red.. My daughter has the exact same phone as me and hers isn't doing anything weird.. I haven't dropped it today at all, I have barely touched it, but I went to go text my husband and I realized the problems.. Please help..

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What box are you talking about that was white but is now red ? If you mean the icon in the top right of the display on the phone that's the battery icon and it means that your battery needs to be charged.
I think she is referring to the water indicator under the battery, if its now red that means water damage. unfortunately sometimes it doesn't take much....having it in the bathroom when you take a shower even just the steam can cause damage, or being out side in the rain. although usually water damage makes the phone screen mess up or go white. not just messing with your texts. you could try factory resetting the phone and see if it helps. (this is the first thing they will do if you were to send it out for repair anyway but if it has water damage its not covered by warranty) To factory reset. settings - back up and reset - factory data reset. Note * this will wipe all data in your phone, so you should back up your contacts, pictures etc. before doing so. Hope that helps.
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If it does show water damage pink/red square, remove the battery immediately. Leave the back cover off, remove the SIM card and microSD card. Carefully place the S2x in a bag or large bowl of rice so that the front of the device faces you, cover the device completely with rice to dissipate or remove any lingering moisture. Leave it in the bag for two to three days (two full days worked for me). Remove from the S2x from the bag of rice, clean off any residual rice dust, install the battery and power up the phone. If you're still encountering issues, the S2x hasn't fully dried out. Place the S2x back in the bag of rice, only this time have the battery compartment facing you. Cover the S2x and let it dry out for another two days. I used this method on a Blackberry after accidentally dropping it in and completely submerging the device in a puddle a few months back and it worked like a charm. A can of compressed air (computer blaster) helps to clean away any residual rice dust. Here's a link to an article showing this method actually works. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/how-to/tips/4269047#
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Hi Della... For the time settings, just go to Settings, Date and Time and make sure that Automatic date and time and also automatic time zone is Enabled... This should solve your time issue...
Thanks everyone