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Problems with extended warranty

I have just been through 3 days of BS with the "extended warranty program".  What a laugh - after nearly 28 minutes on the phone going through the legaleeze and credit card crap I'm told that my phone is not recognized by the system, that the request will be passed upstairs to "head office".

3 days later I get a call from an 800 #, identity blocked, and of course I don't bother to answer. The voicemail is from an almost completely not understandable foreigner who can't speak English well.
So I call back and get disconnected while on hold.  After 2 more tries I get another person who can hardly speak English and am told the wonderful news that my request is now accepted, "after careful review"!  Like, was I lying?  

I contacted these creeps after visiting my local Koodo booth and after Koodo told me to call for a replacement phone.

When I receive this replacement phone I'm going straight to my Koodo booth.  I will ask them to help me transfer my files and then cancel my account with Koodo.  I have been a customer for over 7 years.        

Be careful people - this so called "extended warranty program" is just another way to get more money from you.  You are given a really hard time when you need a replacement phone.
And who the hell is this insurance company anyway?  The Koodo warranty card I was given does not identify a third party supplier - their name is not located anywhere on Koodo's website and is not found on the card I was given.  And I have been threatened that if I do not send my existing phone within a certain time period a charge will be made to my credit card.  This is a very poor standard of service and shows extreme disrespect towards a customer of long standing who pays his bill regularly and on time. 

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So you called in once, did other things for three days, refused to answer when they called you back, you ARE getting the free replacement, but you're planning to cancel your koodo service in a fit of pique, does that sound about right? Esecuritel is a third party company that partners with koodo to offer optional extended warranty coverage. They are not owned by koodo and Koodo is not making money off of the deal.
Your testy response, while disguised, is obviously coming from Koodo.  Koodo has pissed me off.  Do NOT attempt do pass this bad customer experience for me as someone else's fault.  I pay Koodo for my services , not a third party.  Koodo has failed.     
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I don't work for koodo. Neither do any of the other mobile masters. You are of course welcome to your opinion, however wrong it may be.
In any event you are obviously a troll who is expected to defend Koodo and refuse to recognize a serious problem with Koodo's standards of service.  It is well recignixzed that there is a problem with this warranty program.  Any search on Google brings it up right away. 

Now that you have bothered me a second time I will now forward a complaint to the Superintendent of Insurance for Ontario and the CRTC.

I suggest that you should think twice about bothering me again.  Your comments will be forwarded along with my story when I contact the CRTC and the Superintendent.
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Max Doutre wrote:

In any event you are obviously a troll who is expected to defend Koodo and refuse to recognize a ...

I tremble at the thought that the crtc may find out that a private citizen posted a comment in response to a post on a PUBLIC message board. I doubt there's a word sufficient to describe how little they'll care.
Keep it up kid.  You are just digging yourself into a deeper hole.  Noe I'm going to give this to the CBC too.
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Max Doutre wrote:

Keep it up kid.  You are just digging yourself into a deeper hole.  Noe I'm going to gi...

See previous statement.