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Problems loading tsn video on Android

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For some reason my phone won't load tsn video iys takes long and need to click like 3 times it won't load on its own like my iPhone does. Is there a setting I have enabled ? Update : just browsing diff sites same thing I think I disabled something but can't figure what

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Are you connected to wifi?

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Yes il on wifi. 150/MB down and 15 /MB up. It was working fine before now it struggles to plays . Is there any settings at all that I could of change that uses video playback because I was messing with some settings yesterday maybe I have sometjinhg turned down or off thanks.
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For a example if I'm on twitter and there is a link there lets say tsn with a video I click on it takes me to tsn video but it doesn't auto play and there is just a ply button
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Which browser are you using?
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Jonathan I wrote:

Which browser are you using?

I'm on chrome.
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Please tell me what happens with your phoneCheck out@MapleLeafs's Tweet: https://twitter.com/MapleLeafs/status...
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Hi Ricardo, 

Have you tried rebooting your device to see if it makes a difference? Also, depending on the size of the video you are watching, you may experience a black screen for a few seconds while the video is buffering.

Hope this helps!