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Problem with Camera!

Hey! Suddenly there is a black squiggle in the middle of my camera (every picture) it just seemed to appear there and didn't happen as the result of a drop! My phone is a nexus 4 and I just love it but I have 4 cute little kids to take pictures of and I don't want a black mark on their little faces! Would there be coverage for anything like this? I've attached a picture for an example! Look at Mister's chin!

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How old is your phone, Eleshia? If it is less than a year old, it would still be under warranty, but otherwise you'd be out of luck I'm afraid 😞 Have you tried cleaning the lens with a soft microfiber cloth? I agree that spot is a horrible sight on a very cute kid 🙂
No the phone is 14 months old. I've tried cleaning with a cloth and no luck. I'm wondering if it is a similar problem to what people have had with the iphone which I've seen in other posts. Wondering if it could just be dust particles. Sooo sad!
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Hi Eleshia, I can certainly appreciate how frustrating this is. I suggest trying to contact Google directly and see if they can help you. Even if the device is out of warranty, it doesn't hurt to try 🙂 855-836-3987 (English) 855-702-1123 (French) 24 hours a day, seven days a week