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Problem of koodo mobile network

My phone is galaxy note 3 unlocked Bell. I can't see DVR camera app (i,g. asee) on koodo mobile network. It worked on Bell(well) ,Wind(slow) , Wifi(very well). Is there any solution? Please help me.If it does't work I have to switch other company.

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Hi Halim!

Could you tell us how this app work exactly? Do you have access to data (Koodo network) without any trouble on your device? Have you tried different apps?

It work when I am in 3G zone but LTE zone what I found today. Now the problem is playing very slow. I set the mobile network mode WCDMA/GSM(no LTE) it work but very slow.
What is wrong between 3G and LTE!!!
I am trying to find other app for my dvr view. Thank you.