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problem camera focus Nexus 5

Hello, I just bought my new Nexus 5, 3 weeks ago and the camera is unable to focus.. all my pictures are blurry. Should i bring it back to a koodo store? or is there something i can do to fix it thanks

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Do you have a case that covers the camera or a plastic film?
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That's is not the issue. my recent encounters with newer android and iOS devices suggest they have been hampered due to a bad code with third party apps including some recent versions of Instagram and other..if you kindly uninstall instagram or any other and only use Menufacurer camera app after factory restor your phone you should not see this problem ..and if that does not work you might have serious hardware issues and requires repair .
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If you go to: SETTINGS > APPS > CAMERA Then click on the 'Force stop', then on 'Clear data'. Should clear it up. Let me know if that helps.
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Not sure how familiar you are to smartphones so I'll start with h the basics, you are tapping on the screen where the subject your shooting is and letting it focus on that point before tapping the shutter button right?