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problem adding my hotmail account to the Email app

Samsung S5 Neo. I have problem adding my hotmail account to the Email app. It does not connect the server. i have tried manual setup as well.

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How are you setting up the account? I would recommend setting it up as an exchange ActiveSync account. The server should be m.hotmail.com. Your email address and password would be as normal. This is a two-way sync though, and messages would be deleted on the server at the same time as they are deleted on the phone. The advantage is that you can easily access the account from multiple devices when they are all setup this way, since each device will show the messages the way they are on the server, right down to folders you sort messages into.
Ya, that's exactly how it's setup. Let me send u some snapshots.

After checking seriver settings it's says either user ID or password not correct or it will never finish checking settings.