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Hello, I keep getting a call at around 2 am or even 6 am from a private number and they call and call I was wondering if there was a way I could unblock the private number

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If mean can you unblock the blocked number to see the phone number that's calling you, the answer is no.
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Hello Amelia. 

This can be really frustrating, but as Steve mentioned there's no solution. I'd suggest to answer the phone and see why that person is calling you at those hours. Or just close your phone or put it on silent...
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Hey Amelia! If these calls are really becoming bothersome, you also have the option to change your phone number. You can do so through your self-serve account http://koo.do/1MbdfHz free of charge! Have a great day 🙂
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I'm not sure that changing the phone number, is the answer at this point. If the person calling Amilia is with that circle of friends/acquaintances, the caller would have no problem, getting the new number. I would start with what Robert said, answer the phone and find out, who it is. It could as innocent, as an annoying, wrong number. I think if it comes to a woman having to change her telephone number, then its time that the woman files an occurance complaint, with her local police department. And if it comes to her, having to change her phone number, she must CHANGE ACCOUNT NAME ALSO and then log the names of persons, dates and times, to whom she gives the new phone number too.