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Price changes

The price of the 33 dollar a month plan increased to 35 dollars, also the.gift card of 100 dollars is now only 50 for the nexus 5. I was going to switch based on all the information I've gathered just a few days ago, but now I'm definitely not going to with these changes. Is there any way to get the old prices? Is all hope lost?

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Too many changes all at once. Not going to the trouble of re-learning everything.

Bye bye.
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Prices change without any notice whatsoever. Once they are changed, there is no way to get the old price. The.gift card should not be the only reason you choose to go with Koodo and 2$ a month is not that big of a difference. 

You can always activate with the current plans, and whenever Koodo offers a new set of promo plans, switch plans to the promo plan that comes out.