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Previous customer with Bell prepaid phone, old Koodo SIM card

I want to start Koodo Prepaid service again and port my present number.  I have Bell Mobility current service using a ZTE Grand Z933 using GSM/WCDMA.  My old Koodo SIM card starts with 89.

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If your koodo sim and/or account has been active for over 90 days you will need to get a new sim card and activate a new prepaid account. You can still port on your number from bell through.
I guess I have to wait for the SIM card to arrive in the mail or go to a store?  And you're saying if the old Koodo account was active over 90 days?  Thanks.

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You can pick up a prepaid sim at a koodo shop. Prepaid accounts need to have the base plan paid every month to remain active. If the base plan has not been paid for 90 days, the account is deactivated and you will need to sign up for a new one. Sim cards which have been inactive on koodo's network for more than 90 days are likewise permanently deactivated and will need to be replaced.