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Preventing data usage?

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I am a new Koodo Prepaid user with a new HTC Desire 320. I have not bought any data boosters and I think I've turned data usage off although it would be very helpful if you could remind me where to set that. 

In any case, when I go into the settings and look at Data usage, there is typically several MB of data showing up under Koodo and more under WiFi.  (Right now the numbers are very close to zero and it's just after midnight; I think the measurements must reset each night at midnight.) Why is data usage showing up under Koodo and will I be billed for that somehow, even though I don't have any data minutes?

As I understand it - and I may be wrong -  any data I get while connected via WiFi (here at home or in public WiFi zones) - is free because it's coming over WiFi but  any data I get via Koodo uses up data minutes and is NOT free. Is that correct?

I'm on a very meager income at the moment and I want to avoid buying and using data minutes for as long as I can. I'm willing to limit my data access to WiFi (or even just my home) if it helps me accomplish that goal. I just need some guidance on how to do it.

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If you haven't purchased a data booster under prepaid, there can be no chargeable data.

All base plans include picture messaging, which requires a slice of data that is not chargeable. Perhaps what you are seeing is the little bit of overhead which Koodo may use to keep that service active.

On prepaid, there are no hidden billing items: you can't roam or use any services you haven't already paid for, so surprises will be few.

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Thanks Bob! It's a great comfort to  know that they aren't going to try to charge me for data usage that I didn't consciously incur. So far, I have no need to buy a data booster and I'm going to stay away from them until I actually need them. For now, I am content to get my data via WiFI,  either at home or friends' homes. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't paying for this data usage that my phone says I've incurred.