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Presidential alert

Received a Presidential Alert on my phone in Ontario (not USA even) , obviously fishy so instead of clicking OK I powered off phone. Got another alert not long after that. Anyone else seen this potential malware in Canada? My husband is on Rogers for work and never received such a wireless alert message. No happiness googling this sort of scamware.

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I do not think this is related to the provider (Koodo or Rogers). It has rather to do with the many scammers that are populating the world. Very often I receive e-mails from people pretending to be banks, insurances, etc. asking for confirmation of account details or PINs. Unfortunately you can do only one thing: disregard the mail, do not even open it, and immediately delete it.
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I never received it and I'm with Koodo. Our numbers are regularly sold to spammer groups and other groups(not by koodo) but whenever u fill something out and put yur number on it. It's definetely just a random phising system trying to get info(as to said above) . Just delete the texts, never respond and all will be okay. 🙂
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How did this alert come to your device, was it a text or a Google alert or through an app?
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Hey! Recent phones are now programmed with technology to advise customers of important public alerts. We'll log a ticket with our technical support team since this alert is targeting the wrong region. You can disregard the message 🙂