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prepaid talk booster

On April 1st 2015 I purchased a 500min talk booster using I $$ credit on my account.  At the time I had a talk booster from Oct 2014 that still had 400 min left.  The puchase shows in the Transaction History, but minutes have never showed up in my Booster Usage Summary. Yesterday I got a Koodo message saying I had 10 minutes left (From the October booster).  How do I activate the April 1st Booster?

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Called Koodo on *611, Frank was my brain surgeon.  I told him right off, I had less than ten minutes.  He puts me on hold..... you guessed it, I ran out of minutes, the call disconnects. ^&*^%%& Koodo!  He calls my koodo number (my only number), leaves message says "call me back", no phone number and *611 only works from my cell and it's out of minutes!!.  Is Koodo a reputable company?  If I'm getting stiffed for a 500 min Booster, I sure not too interested staying with these guys.  He could send me text messages because he would know my monthly plan is paid and active, but no such luck.  Now, I'm not sure if I want to buy another $$ 500min booster just to straighten out their mess.

Please, someone must know how to better handle this problem.
Thanks in advance
You are better off to get unlimited calls and unlimited texting it's cheaper about 69$ plus GSM.
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Hope the following is helpful:

You can use secure email: https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/appmanager/support/contactus

OR 1-866-995-6636  / 647-788-4337 from any phone.

Maybe helpful in the future: I routinely follow-up on all on-line transactions and archive all confirming emails or texts. Easier to nip in the bud on a current basis, than having to deal with some disinterested party months down the road.

Thanks Bob, that was really helpful! The Koodo website is pretty clumsy, I eventually found a place where I could email them directly. I sent my above email, edited a bit, perhaps they'll get back to me in the next day or so.