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Prepaid SIM card: Can text, access mobile internet but can not make or receive a call

I bought a prepaid SIM card from Koodo. Firstly, I try to activate it online but there was a promblem with online site (even some staffs help me to activate) (It took me for 5 days). So they called to someone else and he/she activated my SIM card, add-on 500 mins and $20 for data. I can text, receive texts, use mobile data but can not make or receive any calls. When I tried to call, the notification is: "No SIM, or SIM error". I restarted and turned off many times. Even when I went to Koodo shop and met their staffs they still can't fix it. They told me to wait from 6-12 hours but nothing change. Still can not make a receive any calls. I bought this SIM card on Sept 7, so 10 days flied with Koodo. I'm very disappointed with the service of Koodo

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Do you see a Talk Booster Add-on under your account when you login to self serve?

Yeap. The staffs at Koodo shop check it for me. Everything is already. It's weird
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If the talk booster thing turns out not to be the problem you could try to get a new sim card. You'll have to send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter or call 611 to get the sim swap done. Hopefully that will do it then if everything else is working.
I also have a bone to pick with Koodo prepaid I was without a phone after buying a sim that would not activate that being said I was 3 days with out up to that point then at the end of the month I had my service suspended for not filling up my account on time which was in and of itself a joke because you can't top up with a debit Visa till you call and pay the additional cost for the service they are providing to accept your card to pay them twice... Doesn't make sense to me how they can get additional payment for the lack of accommodation that there failed system offer n a supposed do it yourself website. Anyways that being said I am sure glad that I have not signed myself up for anything long term and it should be just one of those live. And learn bad dates!!!?
I will go to Koodo shop tomorrow and ask them for fixing the last time. I can not call 611 with my SIM. My previous provider is Roger and no problem. I'm so disappointed with Koodo service. Too bad. And if I did not pay more than $70, I would changed to other provider immediately