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Prepaid Customer--Want to buy S6 outright and unlock it. Is this possible?

I currently have a Koodo Prepaid Plan that I am 100% happy with. However, I'm looking to buy a new phone outright and have it unlocked for travel. The phone I am looking at is the Galaxy S6 ($760 outright). I have a couple questions:

1. Will this phone work with my prepaid plan (the phone is not listed under prepaid phones)?
2. I assume this phone will be locked to Koodo. Can I have it unlocked upon purchase? What is the fee? Is there a waiting period?
Right now I understand that getting the S6 would involve buying it for $760, and then paying an additional charge to unlock it.

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Unfortunately, you cannot buy the Galaxy S6 without a monthly plan, even if you decide to pay it full price. However, if you do buy it elsewhere (for example Telus, but as you want to unlock it, it won't really matter where you get it.) you will be able to put it on your plan. You may need to get a new SIM card if you don't already have a nano SIM however.
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If the phone is bought from a carrier in Canada it will be locked.
You can unlock it for a fee right away if it is bought outright but you need to have an active account with them.

The cheapest option to unlock would be through ebay
here you can buy the phone off of amazon unlocked if you want to. http://www.amazon.ca/Samsung-SAMG920FBKEU-Unlocked-Smartphone-Packaging/dp/B00U8KSUIG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=...

Lots of cellular companies, including Koodo, won't let you outright buy a phone without a monthly contract/plan. I would, like the others mentioned, buy your phone from Amazon or Ebay outright and be careful to read that it states that its unlocked (most likely it would be but I would read the description carefully).

Usually though, if you buy a phone from the cellular company it would be locked to the carrier and they will unlock it for you... but it would cost you $35+ depending.