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Prepaid customer changing to new phone / SIM card


I'm a prepaid customer and recently broke my phone and am looking to replace it but have some questions.

1) How can I know what phones are compatible with Koodo's network? Most of the models I'm interested in aren't sold on Koodo's website, but unless I have the phone in my hand to check the IMEI I'm not sure what I can check to make sure my future phone will work fine on Koodo's network.

2) My current/broken phone has a micro-SIM card, and by the looks of it most newer phones use a nano-SIM card. What is the process of changing my number/account from one SIM card to another? Is any information lost as part of the change in SIM cards?


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1. Try https://willmyphonework.net/ for compatibility.
2. When you have your new SIM, log in to prepaid self-serve and go to Phone Services > Change SIM Card to enter the number. If you had an Android phone you likely have your contacts backed up in your Google account, so you shouldn't lose anything.
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1) Try this website: willmyphonework.net You're looking for 3G: 850 and 1900, LTE: Band 4 (1700/2100), LTE-a: Band 7, 700MHz frequencies 2) Buy a new prepaid sim card and do a sim swap. If that feature is still disabled via self serve you'll have to contact Koodo to change it over for you.